Monday, May 2, 2011

News from Chile!

Hey everybody-

So I don`t have too much time, but I have some good things to share.


Brandon was confirmed this Sunday and will get the priesthood next week. He is doing well and will probably go to the temple to do baptisms with the ward towards the end of May. This also means that we will probably get to go with him and it will be the first time that I have gone inside of the temple here in Chile. The other good news is that Gabriel passed his baptismal interview and we should have his baptism this Sunday.

Contacts, contacts, contacts

I have learned the past 2 weeks that the number of people you contact is not at anyway related to how many new investigators you find. The Lord always puts people in the right place at the right time according to His schedule. We had a cool one the other day. We had contacted in one passageway and had found several people who had some grudge against the Church and many uninterested people. We went the next passageway over hoping for more success. We knocked the first house and a woman came out. She was leaving and demostrated no interest in us; however, her son (about 20 years old) came out during the conversation and said that he was interested. We ended up teaching about the Restoration and he committed to read the BOM. 


So, my new compation is Elder Adam Lewis from good old Orem, UT. Yep, he went to Mountain View and graduated the same year as me. He played basketball and is really tall. Needless to say, we attract even more attention now. I love working with him and it should be a great change.

Well, that is all for now. Write you all next week!

Elder Taylor Thomas
P.S. Fotos are of some of the sights of Chile while on the way to Changes in a street called Camino a Melipilla, my new comp, and a slightly funny picture of me.

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