Monday, May 9, 2011


Editors Note!!!  We had a great time talking to Taylor yesterday and he shared many great stories and experiences from his mission.  He loves the area that he is in and loves his new companion.  He also said that the ward was amazing and the members are extremely supportive of missionary work.  He also wanted me to pass along thanks to everyone who has written him; he hasn't had time to respond to all of the letters but I know that they strengthen him and help him along the way.  Thanks for all that everyone does to help him.  As his parents, we appreciate it more than we could ever say.

Hey friends-

So this email will be short. My parents will probably share details about the call we had and I will share a few details in this email.


So, Gabriel got baptized yesterday! I have attached 3 fotos of before the baptism. The person baptizing is Angelo, who will be getting his mission call this week. He always goes out on visits with us and is really funny. Gabriel is the shorter one with dark skin and the other one is Joshua, the younger brother of Angelo. He is the one who did a lot of the work of getting Gabriel involved in the church. We did not have a font explosion this week and everything went well.

Run out of ideas

Well, I forgot to write down funny experiences and cool stories this week. However, there was one cool story. We found an older couple out in the more campo part of our sector. It turns out that the husband first had contact with missionaries in 1962 and had a really good experience with them. Now, almost 50 years later he still remembers the good experience he had and is really open to listen to us. Talk about how planting seeds helps. You never know how much further in the future they might get harvested.

I love you all and I hope everyone is well.

Elder Taylor Thomas

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