Monday, May 23, 2011

May 23, 2011

Hey everybody-

So I find myself with little time to write again. However, I will try to update you on some of the investigators and tell one funny story.

Investigator roulette

So, because of the fact that we are doing lots and lots of contacting, we find and drop lots of people fast now. Thus, it is hard to keep track of them all. Sad story from this week is that basically because of laziness, we are going to have to drop the older couple we were teaching. The husband just basically doesn´t want to do anything or commit and so the wife wants to respect her husband. Luckily, we had the Bishop with us when they told us this and so he offered service from the ward, which they accepted and we are helping to organize. The good story is Reinaldo and Marisel. They are Evangelico. He is a bit more hard, but Marisel loved the story of the Restoration of the Gospel and really wants to believe it. We have a cita with them today and we will see what happens.

Gnomes and a funeral

So, Elder Lewis and I were in the chapel on Saturday doing our English class. Afterwards, as we were leaving, we found 3 small plastic gnomes. Elder Lewis, being tall, decided that he would put them up on top of the fans in the cultural hall as a funny Sunday joke. Little did we know that the cultural hall would be used for a viewing for an old person who had died the next day. When we went to give our respects to the family, we saw the Gnomes still on top of the fans and nobody had noticed them. We quickly left the room so we would not burst out laughing. I know, it sounds terrible, but it was actually quite funny (it was even funnier when our Bishop saw them).

Anyway, that is all!

Elder Taylor Thomas
P.S. The attached fotos are of the mall trip. I will be sending another email with the fotos from our trip as a Zone today to a small pottery town called Pomaire. 

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