Wednesday, May 18, 2011

May 16, 2011

Taylor just sent a very quick note as he was off to the mall in Maipu to get winter clothes.  It seems a little strange to have it colder in Chile as it warms up (sort of) here in Utah.

Dear Friends and Family -
 We have been doing a lot of contacting here too, and this week we found the most new investigators I have ever found on my mission in one week. Complete miracle. It is cool to see the hand of the Lord in our work. One cool experience from this week was with one of the jovenes who was going with us on visits. For some reason, all the citas would always fall when he left with us. This last week he left with us again and the cita fell through. However, we immediately turned to do milagritos (contacting the first people we see if a cita falls through). The joven told us after that he was feeling really down because the citas always fell through when he was with us. But as we did milagritos together, we found 3 new people and were able to do a bendición de hogar (house blessing--what we do everytime we enter a house). The joven really felt the spirit and he told us that it helped him have much more animo for missionary work.

Elder Taylor Thomas

P.S. - The picture are from a zone meal!!

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