Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Baptism and Another New Companion!

Hola todos-

Yay for news and events. Here`s what you`ll find in this issue: Cambios, Baptism!, Investigators, and much much more!


Sorry for the punch drunk beginning. However, I have some really good news. We had the baptism of Brandon Perez yesterday! I have attached pictures. Sebastian Bascur, one of the Priests in the ward, baptized him. In the pictures, I am to the side of Sebastian, the other in white is obviously Brandon. It went really well and we had about half of the ward there. The funny story from this week comes from after the baptism. The stake leaders there were rushing everyone out of the church after the baptism. We had pressed the magic button that drains the font after the actual baptism because we couldn`t close the faucet (it was loose). I had the thought to go check the font (how Dr. Seuss I feel) and asked for the keys from the Stake leaders. Then, everyone left us botado (roughly translated: alone) in the church. When we went to check the font, the drain thingy wasn`t working and we couldn`t close the faucet. As we tried to close it, it broke and water started gushing everywhere. My companion and I were taking of our suit coats and other precious items, and my comp eventually took off his shoes and socks and went directly to battle to try and stop the flow. Meanwhile, I was running around the church, alone, trying to find the key to open the place where we could cut the water to the entire building. We finally got ahold of our Bishop (who was at his home sick) who got ahold of someone else in our ward who knows how to fix it. I could never find the keys and so the Hermano who came to help just hit it until it came off. After that, he had control of the situation and my comp was soaked from the knees down. Pretty much crazy. Now it is really funny to us.

Investigator Update

Liliana and Valentina are still progressing. The only problem that we have is that we need a car (or at least bikes) to get out to their house, which we don`t have. Plus they sometimes have a tight schedule. However, they are progressing well and we should have a baptismal date with them this week. Gabriel stopped smoking Saturday and is doing well. We are praying a lot for him so that he can make his goal of getting baptized on May 8.


Well, I know you are all probably tired of hearing this but yet again I am going to have a new companion! Yep, that`s right. Elder Rios has changes and I will be going into my 7th change with my 7th companion. Basically by the time I complete a year in the mission, I am going to have almost the same amount of companions that people have in their entire mission. I think I am cursed...Well, actually I know it is the Lord`s will, perhaps to get me used to changing all of the time. I am excited still and wondering if I will have a Gringo (Gabacho for my Mexican missionary friends) or a Latino.

Well, that is all for now folks. I hope you enjoy your week!


Elder Taylor Thomas

Monday, April 18, 2011


 Hey friends-

So I am doing well here in Chile and have lots of good news.


So this week was good. In few words, Brandon passed his baptismal interview and his baptism will be this coming Sunday! One of the priests in our ward who is really cool (Sebastian) will be baptizing him and is going to be awesome. As for Gabriel, we had a really cool experience with him. He is 18 and doesn`t need his parents´ permission to get baptized but he still lives with them. So we asked him out of curiosity what his parents thought. He responded with a really cool testimony. He said that his parents were not too thrilled with it but that it didn´t matter to him. He said, "I am above age and if I feel that this the true church than I am going to join it." He said it with a lot of conviction and I realized how privilaged I am to be teaching him and the other investigators I am teaching as well. They are chosen sons and daughters of God with an eternal destiny. I am blessed to play a role in helping them choose the path that will allow them to complete that destiny. It really got me thinking about how tiny we are and how much we have to rely on God in all things.

Oops, short time

Well, I realized that I have another email to write and I need time to write it. So you all know, the pictures are of my birthday asado and cleaning day today (complete with pictures of the Elders in my pensiĆ²n). Have a great week!

Elder Taylor Thomas

Sunday, April 17, 2011

Letter from April 11th, 2011

Hey friends-

There isn´t much to report on funny stories and/or interesting events, but I will try.

Investigator report

Brandon continues progressing well. This week will involve a lot of preparation. The other person who I mentioned last week is Gabriel. He is a friend of one of the youth in the ward. Well, this week we set a baptismal date with him for the 24th of April as well! He has been making changes to his life and it has been cool to see. We will also have to do a lot of preparation and we might change the date to give him a bit more time.

New Missionary meeting

So this week I went to New Missionary meeting, which is all missionaries in their second change. The thing is that the group of Elder Rios is all hermanas, except for him. So the only men in the meeting were the APs, us, and President King. Pretty funny experience that rarely happens on the mission. I also talked with the Hermanas from Llo Lleo and found out that Isabel had not been baptized. However, they have reset the baptismal date for her and all looks well. I also heard that Carolina is doing really well and has a calling in the Young Women Presidency as the secretary.

Meat Anyone?

Last week we had an asado as a district. This week, for our Zone activity, we had yet another asado. Needless to say, my meat loving side is quite satisfied. I have attached pictures of today´s asado. I forgot to transfer the pictures of last week, but I should be able to send them next week.

Well, that is about all. I hope everyone is well and make sure to study the Conference Addresses that just came out!

Elder Taylor Thomas

Letter from April 4th, 2011

Hey friends

This will be short, but cool.

Conference Mania!

Yesterday concluded the thing that gives missionaries the closest sensation to a rock concert (a.k.a. General Conference. I am happy to report that we had 4 investigators in attendance, as well as several less-actives). As for talks I liked, I really liked Elder Oaks, both the talks from President Uchtdorf, President Monson`s Priesthood session talk (nice and direct), Elder Scott`s talk about how to respect spouses, Elder Bednar`s about revelation, and several others.


Yay for progress! So this week we had some cool things. First off, we reset a baptismal date with Brandon (a 14 year old) who had stopped progressing but then had a complete change after completing his commitment to read the BOM. Once again, the BOM was the key to his change. His baptismal date will be the 24th of April. Also cool is we got a reference (supposedly from the U.S. of A.) of a lady who had lost a son 6 months ago. Her name is Liliana and she has a 14-year-old daughter named Valentina. They were living in the states and Valentina is basically Gringa. She speaks better English than spanish. Even better, they are from the Los Angeles, California area (if I remember correctly Lindora--but my memory of the LA area has faded while I have been in Chile). Anyway, they are really cool too. There is one more awesome thing that I will have to share next week due to time.

Random notes

There is a really cool completo place in our sector that has Jumbo completos that are a little over a foot long. Also, we found a random monkey zoo in the corner of our sector that will deserve further investigation. As for today, we will be having an asado with lots of meat and chorizo (a type of sausage) with bread. Yep, that is about all for today.

Elder Taylor Thomas