Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Baptism and Another New Companion!

Hola todos-

Yay for news and events. Here`s what you`ll find in this issue: Cambios, Baptism!, Investigators, and much much more!


Sorry for the punch drunk beginning. However, I have some really good news. We had the baptism of Brandon Perez yesterday! I have attached pictures. Sebastian Bascur, one of the Priests in the ward, baptized him. In the pictures, I am to the side of Sebastian, the other in white is obviously Brandon. It went really well and we had about half of the ward there. The funny story from this week comes from after the baptism. The stake leaders there were rushing everyone out of the church after the baptism. We had pressed the magic button that drains the font after the actual baptism because we couldn`t close the faucet (it was loose). I had the thought to go check the font (how Dr. Seuss I feel) and asked for the keys from the Stake leaders. Then, everyone left us botado (roughly translated: alone) in the church. When we went to check the font, the drain thingy wasn`t working and we couldn`t close the faucet. As we tried to close it, it broke and water started gushing everywhere. My companion and I were taking of our suit coats and other precious items, and my comp eventually took off his shoes and socks and went directly to battle to try and stop the flow. Meanwhile, I was running around the church, alone, trying to find the key to open the place where we could cut the water to the entire building. We finally got ahold of our Bishop (who was at his home sick) who got ahold of someone else in our ward who knows how to fix it. I could never find the keys and so the Hermano who came to help just hit it until it came off. After that, he had control of the situation and my comp was soaked from the knees down. Pretty much crazy. Now it is really funny to us.

Investigator Update

Liliana and Valentina are still progressing. The only problem that we have is that we need a car (or at least bikes) to get out to their house, which we don`t have. Plus they sometimes have a tight schedule. However, they are progressing well and we should have a baptismal date with them this week. Gabriel stopped smoking Saturday and is doing well. We are praying a lot for him so that he can make his goal of getting baptized on May 8.


Well, I know you are all probably tired of hearing this but yet again I am going to have a new companion! Yep, that`s right. Elder Rios has changes and I will be going into my 7th change with my 7th companion. Basically by the time I complete a year in the mission, I am going to have almost the same amount of companions that people have in their entire mission. I think I am cursed...Well, actually I know it is the Lord`s will, perhaps to get me used to changing all of the time. I am excited still and wondering if I will have a Gringo (Gabacho for my Mexican missionary friends) or a Latino.

Well, that is all for now folks. I hope you enjoy your week!


Elder Taylor Thomas

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