Monday, May 30, 2011

May 30, 2011

It has been a hard week for the missionaries in Taylor's zone with the passing of Elder Jennings and then a young man in a neighboring ward was killed in a car accident.  He wanted to thank everyone for their prayers.  It has certainly been a week that has been focused on the plan of salvation.  He loved the opportunity to go inside the temple this week.

Elder Thomas and Elder Lewis 

District Activity 

The Santiago Temple

Hey everyone-

This is going to be short because I have very little time.

Temple Trip

finally went inside the Temple here in Chile on Saturday. Gabriel went to do baptisms for the dead and we got to go along with him. It was awesome and I have attached pictures as proof. Elder Lewis and I went to Pizza Hut (the best pizza available in Chile) afterwards and ordered a medium pizza a piece.

Other news

We have a few more progressing investigators this week and we also had a really cool returned missionary activity yesterday where President King came to give a fireside. Anyway, I have got to finish things up.

Elder Taylor Thomas
P.S. Other fotos this week are of our trip up a hill close to us. I have a picture of my district and other things.

Monday, May 23, 2011

May 23, 2011

Hey everybody-

So I find myself with little time to write again. However, I will try to update you on some of the investigators and tell one funny story.

Investigator roulette

So, because of the fact that we are doing lots and lots of contacting, we find and drop lots of people fast now. Thus, it is hard to keep track of them all. Sad story from this week is that basically because of laziness, we are going to have to drop the older couple we were teaching. The husband just basically doesn´t want to do anything or commit and so the wife wants to respect her husband. Luckily, we had the Bishop with us when they told us this and so he offered service from the ward, which they accepted and we are helping to organize. The good story is Reinaldo and Marisel. They are Evangelico. He is a bit more hard, but Marisel loved the story of the Restoration of the Gospel and really wants to believe it. We have a cita with them today and we will see what happens.

Gnomes and a funeral

So, Elder Lewis and I were in the chapel on Saturday doing our English class. Afterwards, as we were leaving, we found 3 small plastic gnomes. Elder Lewis, being tall, decided that he would put them up on top of the fans in the cultural hall as a funny Sunday joke. Little did we know that the cultural hall would be used for a viewing for an old person who had died the next day. When we went to give our respects to the family, we saw the Gnomes still on top of the fans and nobody had noticed them. We quickly left the room so we would not burst out laughing. I know, it sounds terrible, but it was actually quite funny (it was even funnier when our Bishop saw them).

Anyway, that is all!

Elder Taylor Thomas
P.S. The attached fotos are of the mall trip. I will be sending another email with the fotos from our trip as a Zone today to a small pottery town called Pomaire. 

Wednesday, May 18, 2011

May 16, 2011

Taylor just sent a very quick note as he was off to the mall in Maipu to get winter clothes.  It seems a little strange to have it colder in Chile as it warms up (sort of) here in Utah.

Dear Friends and Family -
 We have been doing a lot of contacting here too, and this week we found the most new investigators I have ever found on my mission in one week. Complete miracle. It is cool to see the hand of the Lord in our work. One cool experience from this week was with one of the jovenes who was going with us on visits. For some reason, all the citas would always fall when he left with us. This last week he left with us again and the cita fell through. However, we immediately turned to do milagritos (contacting the first people we see if a cita falls through). The joven told us after that he was feeling really down because the citas always fell through when he was with us. But as we did milagritos together, we found 3 new people and were able to do a bendiciĆ³n de hogar (house blessing--what we do everytime we enter a house). The joven really felt the spirit and he told us that it helped him have much more animo for missionary work.

Elder Taylor Thomas

P.S. - The picture are from a zone meal!!

Monday, May 9, 2011


Editors Note!!!  We had a great time talking to Taylor yesterday and he shared many great stories and experiences from his mission.  He loves the area that he is in and loves his new companion.  He also said that the ward was amazing and the members are extremely supportive of missionary work.  He also wanted me to pass along thanks to everyone who has written him; he hasn't had time to respond to all of the letters but I know that they strengthen him and help him along the way.  Thanks for all that everyone does to help him.  As his parents, we appreciate it more than we could ever say.

Hey friends-

So this email will be short. My parents will probably share details about the call we had and I will share a few details in this email.


So, Gabriel got baptized yesterday! I have attached 3 fotos of before the baptism. The person baptizing is Angelo, who will be getting his mission call this week. He always goes out on visits with us and is really funny. Gabriel is the shorter one with dark skin and the other one is Joshua, the younger brother of Angelo. He is the one who did a lot of the work of getting Gabriel involved in the church. We did not have a font explosion this week and everything went well.

Run out of ideas

Well, I forgot to write down funny experiences and cool stories this week. However, there was one cool story. We found an older couple out in the more campo part of our sector. It turns out that the husband first had contact with missionaries in 1962 and had a really good experience with them. Now, almost 50 years later he still remembers the good experience he had and is really open to listen to us. Talk about how planting seeds helps. You never know how much further in the future they might get harvested.

I love you all and I hope everyone is well.

Elder Taylor Thomas

Monday, May 2, 2011

News from Chile!

Hey everybody-

So I don`t have too much time, but I have some good things to share.


Brandon was confirmed this Sunday and will get the priesthood next week. He is doing well and will probably go to the temple to do baptisms with the ward towards the end of May. This also means that we will probably get to go with him and it will be the first time that I have gone inside of the temple here in Chile. The other good news is that Gabriel passed his baptismal interview and we should have his baptism this Sunday.

Contacts, contacts, contacts

I have learned the past 2 weeks that the number of people you contact is not at anyway related to how many new investigators you find. The Lord always puts people in the right place at the right time according to His schedule. We had a cool one the other day. We had contacted in one passageway and had found several people who had some grudge against the Church and many uninterested people. We went the next passageway over hoping for more success. We knocked the first house and a woman came out. She was leaving and demostrated no interest in us; however, her son (about 20 years old) came out during the conversation and said that he was interested. We ended up teaching about the Restoration and he committed to read the BOM. 


So, my new compation is Elder Adam Lewis from good old Orem, UT. Yep, he went to Mountain View and graduated the same year as me. He played basketball and is really tall. Needless to say, we attract even more attention now. I love working with him and it should be a great change.

Well, that is all for now. Write you all next week!

Elder Taylor Thomas
P.S. Fotos are of some of the sights of Chile while on the way to Changes in a street called Camino a Melipilla, my new comp, and a slightly funny picture of me.