Wednesday, September 28, 2011

September 26th, 2011

Friends, Romans, countryman, lend me your ear-

Now, after that overly dramatic and very cliché salutation, here comes my report for the week. Because I felt lazy, most of the week is in the form of voice recordings which, if my parents choose to, will be summerized and added to this post/letter/email. Anyways, onward!

Blackouts and Injuries

So, I am sure that probably a few of you have heard about the massive power outage in Chile on Saturday. Well, all of Santiago was out, as well as several other regions (Chilean equivalent of States). We happened to be out in our sector contacting someone, when suddenly it went pitch black. We had to walk through a slightly shady part of our sector with only a cell phone for light. We ended up contacting another person and then going to our ward mission leader`s house for our meeting with him. The whole meeting was by candlelight and then as soon as we left, the lights came back on. Now, as for injuries, Elder Tialavea gashed open his leg playing soccer today and the assistants had to come pick him up to bring him to the hospital. We still haven`t heard from him, but he will be fine. As for my injury, several weeks ago  I heavily bruised my big toe (picture attached for those who like details) when I kicked somebody´s foot that they put in front of the ball. It is still getting better, but I only mentioned it because it looked impressive.

Pictures and closing words

I have attached several pictures of La Reina (where the park that we went to to climb the Andes) which is where our President lives. You will see a marked difference in the size and quality of the houses there. I have also attached a foto that Hermana King took of me and my comp when he arrived and we were leaving. Hope you all have a great week!

Elder Taylor Thomas

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