Thursday, September 22, 2011

September 20th, 2011

Dear Friends-

A week of fun, in email format.

La obra misional

The missionary work was kind of slow this week because it was the week before Fiestas Patrias. This year was much more peaceful than last year. I did have an asado and a lot of empanadas. Many of our citas fell through, but we did contact some cool people. We contacted this one lady grilling some meat outside of an apartment building. She had never heard of the church and was just gobbling up the Book of Mormon when we talked to her about it. It was cool to see that the Lord prepares people, even on National Holidays when most people are partying and/or drunk.

Mountaineering extreme

So, believe it or not, we got permission to go to the base of the Andes Mountains for P-day. I have been wanting to do this since the beginning of my mission. We unfortunately didn´t get that high up because some people got tired. But I am hoping to go again in the future to get higher. It was really fun because there were a bunch of food stands for the Fiestas Patrias (we ate ice cream in a pineapple and sichkabobs-no idea how to spell that). It was really beautiful and tons of fun. I have attached pictures and will send another email with more picutres of the trip.

That is all for this week. Hope you are all enjoying the coming cold in North America, because I am going into summer down here. :D

Elder Taylor Thomas

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