Monday, April 18, 2011


 Hey friends-

So I am doing well here in Chile and have lots of good news.


So this week was good. In few words, Brandon passed his baptismal interview and his baptism will be this coming Sunday! One of the priests in our ward who is really cool (Sebastian) will be baptizing him and is going to be awesome. As for Gabriel, we had a really cool experience with him. He is 18 and doesn`t need his parents´ permission to get baptized but he still lives with them. So we asked him out of curiosity what his parents thought. He responded with a really cool testimony. He said that his parents were not too thrilled with it but that it didn´t matter to him. He said, "I am above age and if I feel that this the true church than I am going to join it." He said it with a lot of conviction and I realized how privilaged I am to be teaching him and the other investigators I am teaching as well. They are chosen sons and daughters of God with an eternal destiny. I am blessed to play a role in helping them choose the path that will allow them to complete that destiny. It really got me thinking about how tiny we are and how much we have to rely on God in all things.

Oops, short time

Well, I realized that I have another email to write and I need time to write it. So you all know, the pictures are of my birthday asado and cleaning day today (complete with pictures of the Elders in my pensiòn). Have a great week!

Elder Taylor Thomas

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