Monday, February 21, 2011

Dear everyone-

Investigators and a Baptism! (for real this time)

First off, Carolina had her baptismal interview and passed!!! She also asked me to baptize her! I am kind of nervous but really excited. She also got to see the baptism of her cousin, who was baptized in the ward of Elder Maldonado and Elder Callis. And now for a miracle (that involves the Book of Mormon). We had Isabel and Ignacio (who is an almost active member now) who were starting to stop progressing. All of a sudden when we passed by yesterday to share about what really is a testimony, Isabel had started to read the Book of Mormon from the beginning and was already in 1 Nephi 10 after only reading two days. She had questions about what she read and her whole attitude was different. It was even more awesome because we had planned to share a part from Lehi`s dream which, when we arrived, she had already read. It was really cool to see that change and we are hoping to see her progress to baptism. Also, Ignacio is really cool. He has caught so many things from reading the Isaiah chapters in the Book of Mormon that I only understood from reading D&C. He is going to be a cool leader in the church.

Stupid Missionaries

So the problem with privlages in the mission is that if one missionary does something stupid, the whole mission suffers. Now we have a new rule in our mission that we cannot play any type of game (Uno, Monopoly, etc.). We can play during FHE and with members but not with missionaries. It sucks, but life goes on.

General Authority sightings

Yes, this is true. We had regional conference in Chile on Sunday. The transmission came from Salt Lake City and we heard Elder Maynes of the 70, Sister Dalton of the YW Presidency, Elder Christofferson (who speaks Spanish), and President Packer. It was really cool to see how the 12 and the First Presidency really do know what is going on in every part of the world. They talked to us about goals that Area Chile has (which the Area Presidency sent to the missionaries) and addressed problems that I have seen here as a missionary. I know that this church is guided by inspired men. Jesus Christ is really at the head of the Church and every time I talk to people of other religions, the more I realize that this church really is the only living and true Church on the face of the earth. ending

So I hope everyone is doing well. I am trying to respond to letters but it is hard to find time, but I promise, I am trying.

Elder Taylor Thomas

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