Monday, February 7, 2011

February 7, 2011

Hey everybody-

In order to jazz up my emails (at least a little bit), I will be doing section headers with a hopefully clever title for each one. Here goes nothing.


This week has been a busy one. Changes went well, although I am very tired of going to Maipú every 6 weeks and hauling luggageeach time. My new companion I actually already knew from La Cisterna. He was there for 2 changes while I was there. His name is Elder Perrusquía and he is from Ciudad de Mexico, Mexico. He is really cool and super funny. He doesn´t speak very much English, so I will probably lose a good bit of English this change. He has the same time in the mission as Elder DeLong (20 months) and is the Senior Comp.

My stupid moment and great discovery

So, I suddenly realized this week that I had an additional powerful tool against the dreaded pulgas. After having one day where a pulga was eating me all day and there were little blood stains everywhere when I took off my shirt, I remembered that I had 100% DEET bug repellant which says on the package that it repels pulgas. So after realizing how stupid I had been, I sprayed my bed with it and have had fewer problems with pulgas now. Also this week, Elder Perrusquía and I went deep into the campo (country) part of our sector and hiked up and down 2 hills knocking for a total of around 6 km (possibly more) of walking. We found some really cool people out there too.

Investigator Update

I really don´t know what to do about Eleuterio and Luisa. It is like there is an upper limit to his understanding. However, we are trying to get him to read the Book of Mormon as much as possible because that is the key to everything, including more understanding on his part. As for Ignacio and Isabel, they are still really cool. Ignacio wants to baptize his wife and be sealed as a family. We had Leo Luna with us and he gave a really cool testimony to help them out. Now Isabel is praying specifically about the 26th of February as her baptism date. If they both read and pray, together and seperately, they will get their answer. I should know about them and several other investigators by next week. We have found some really good people who are ready to receive the gospel.

An ending

Congratulations to those who have made it to this point of my email (not including family, they always read it anyway). I hope everyone has a great week!

Elder Taylor Thomas

P.S. Pictures are of our last district "party" and Elder Perrusquía, my new comp.

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