Sunday, February 20, 2011

February 14, 2011
Hola amigos-
This email will be full of interesting stories (I hope....) So enjoy the not-so-clever-but-supposedly-liked subject headers.
Investigators and a baptism?
So Carolina is progressing really well, and I actually found out that her cousin who is in the barrio of Elder Maldonado and Elder Callis is getting baptized the week before. Carolina is really shy but is eating up everything we teach, plus her parents love us, even though they don´t want to change. Isabel is still struggling to gain a testimony and we are going to be visiting her tonight.
Foto explanation
(Begin disclaimer) So last week I sent a foto of our last district "party" with Elder DeLong. There is a picture that looks slightly gay. This is not the intended purpose and was a picture taken at the wrong moment, but still funny. (End Disclaimer)
General Authority call
So we were in a meeting with President King the other day. All of a sudden his phone rang and he pulled it out. He looked at it and then silenced it and said, "Oh, it is Elder Corbridge (one of the counselors in the area presidency)" We all told him "Go answer it President." and he said "Can I?" We told him to go and we all got a good laugh.
No longer an illegal
I finally got my carnet (Chilean ID card)!!!! This means, among other things, that I am now legal and can buy things with my credit/debit cards.
Today we had a pretty hard core soccer game. I have a partially cracked big toenail (nothing bad, just a tiny bit of blood) and a bruise on the same foot where the shin meets the top of the foot. I also think I may have strained one of my muscles too. But it was awesome! I haven´t had a game that intense since I was in La Cisterna.
Anyway, that is all for now folks!
Elder Taylor Thomas

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