Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Letter from May 14, 2012

So, this week has been pretty good. I have a new companion. His name is Elder Ian Birch from Twin Falls, Idaho. This makes my third gringo companion in a row from Idaho. He is a really good missionary. I am adapting to his working style and it is still fun. 

To say the absolute truth, baptisms before the end of the mission are looking kind of bleak. Sebastian is having trouble with some of the committments and I think he will be baptized in the future, he even says that he has a lot of desire to be baptized; however, I don´t think it will happen for a little while longer. But, we are still looking to pull off a miracle by finding another investigator. The other investigators we have have baptismal dates for after I leave the mission.

Copying Elder Aaron Lillie´s idea, I have a culinary story for the week. We had to make lunch in the house this week and I wanted to make pasta. I asked my comp if he wanted it and he said "Yes, but I want to have pancakes too." So, we made them both. No, we did not mix them on the same plate. Mmmmmmmmmm......angry pasta with pancakes on the side. Definately a step outside of the box for a picky culinary person like me :)

So, that I think is all for this week. I hope Josh got to his mission ok, and I look forward to reading his email.

Elder Taylor Thomas

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