Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Letter from October 24th, 2011


Hey everybody-

So, the missionary life can easily be compared to a roller coaster, our days have so many good and bad things that can happen on any given day. With that cryptic statement, I begin this email.


So this week is what made me think about the whole roller coaster thing. We taught Félix on Friday night and re-set his baptismal date for the 12 of November. This is 3 weeks more, which is definately a lot of time for someone who has now been to church almost for a month straight and is reading the Book of Mormon and praying. It was a really spiritual lesson and we felt good about it. We ran into Félix the next night and he said that his mom wanted to talk to us. It turned out that (in my opinion) had convinced him that he was not 100% sure or ready for baptism and that she did not want him to get baptized on that date. Luckily, it could be for our good because we basically told her (don´t worry, being guided by the spirit) that she can`t really say much because she still hasn`t even tried the Book of Mormon for herself (I know that sounds really harsh but it wasn´t in the way we said it). Also, Félix still came to church the next day and is enjoying it. So hopefully we can see some progress.


So, I only have time to share one for today. Yesterday, we were knocking doors trying to find a few more new investigators. We saw an open door and started talking to some jovenes. Their dad came home (which is always a tense moment as a missionary, because you never know what they are going to say) and said, "Keep on talking!" He came back about 3 minutes later as we were still talking and said to the kids, "Why haven´t you invited them in yet?" So we got in and as we talked we learned that this dad`s brother had died 3 months ago and that 2 of the kids were his nephew and niece (the children of the brother who had died). We were able to do a prayer with them and they really did feel the spirit. We testified that we have the ability to know where those who have passed on are at. It was a very cool experience to give us animo for the day.

Well, I hope everyone is well this week. Have a great day!

Elder Taylor Thomas

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