Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Letter from October 10th, 2011

Dear Friends-

There isn´t much to report this week, but here I go anyway.


So, changes came and nothing happened to me or to my comp. We are staying put. So are the other Elders who live with us. Among which is Elder Barrett.


For the first time in this sector, we had investigators at church! This miracle is a miracle in its entirety. We had Felix and Carla (a brother and sister), the people we have a baptismal date with, come to church. They came themselves. We showed up one day at their house to see how they were doing and Felix just said, "My sister and I will be going to church this Sunday." I am so glad we have the Spirit to help us.

Little Miracles

Yesterday we saw how the Lord put in our path tons of people who we needed to talk to. We just seemed to be in the right place at every time. Now, I won´t say that it happens often, but it does happen. It is a testimony that the Lord is guiding us always.

Well, that is all for now folks, see you next week.

Elder Taylor Thomas

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