Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Adios Llo Lleo, Hola Villa La Foresta

Hey everybody-

Woo hoo for email. Here goes nothing.

My new area
So, changes were fun. Our cell phone in Llo Lleo died again so both Elder Perrusquía and I knew nothing about leadership positions. When we got to changes, we found out that Elder Perrusquía was going to be District Leader again (in the coast) and that I was going to finish training a greenie (meaning that it is there second change in the mission). Now, as for where I am. I am now in the campo (country) in Peñaflor. It is outside of Santiago on the way to the coast. It also means that now I have been in the campo, the costa, and the ciudad. My area is Villa La Foresta and my companion´s name is Elder Rios. Elder Rios is from Osorno (Chile). It has been a wild ride so far and it is interesting to be with a new missionary. It made me realize how I was as a greenie. All I can say is that it should be a fun change.

(Cricket sounds)......Yeah, um we don´t have anyone progressing but I am hoping that we can change that. Luckily we have a ton of youth in this ward. I haven´t seen this many youth since being in the good old Timpview 8th ward ("old" does not specifically refer to the condition of people in said ward; however, if you wish to apply it to yourself, you know who you are ;)).

That´s all for now folks
Yep, that´s right. I don´t have anything else. Hopefully there will be more next week.

Elder Taylor Thomas
P.S. The fotos are of Llo Lleo, when I was saying goodbye to various people.

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