Monday, March 7, 2011

40 Days of Fasting

Hey amigos-
I actually have funny stories today :) But first, the spiritual part.
So Ignacio and Isabel are doing well. I think that we should have a new baptismal date for Isabel by the end of this week. The both of them are really cool and will be great leaders in the church. We have been finding a lot of people in a small town just outside of Llo Lleo called Lo Gallardo. We have a full page of references that we are going to check out. Another cool item. Our companionship, along with our now former ward mission leader, designed the Ward Mission plan. We finally had a chance to finalize it with the Bishop and we are starting to roll it out this week. Two of my favorite things that we are doing are a scripture study group in the chapel and something called the 40 day fast. The 40 day fast is really cool. Elder Perrusquìa had done it in his ward in Mexico and it was really cool. Basically one family is fasting a day, for 40 days--all with the same purpose.
Our 80s party
So my comp and I got on the bus one morning to go do service. Now, you have to know that the majority of music here in Chile hard core sucks (for example, Ragaeton). However, instead of hearing the usual crap (sorry, there isn`t a better word to describe it), we caught the tail end of "We built this city on rock and roll" and then "Along comes a women" (by Chicago?). Needless to say, I was really happy to hear real music and had to resist the urge to dance and/or sing along (which I did a little bit of).
Death by Sandwich
Today we went exploring with a member of our ward in Las Rocas de Santo Domingo--the richest part of our mission. It actually looks like the United States there. We had permission from our Zone Leaders to go anywhere in the Zone (the largest zone in the mission) but only went to Santo Domingo. It was still really cool. We went and walked along the sidewalk by the beach (we couldn`t actually go on to the beach, but we got about within 30 meters of the water). Afterwards, we went to eat at a place that serves HUGE churrascos, completos, etc. I am not kidding when it was huge, complete with tomatoes and avacado. I have attached pictures of this adventure in a seperate email, which my parents should forward on with this email.
That is all for today, hope everyone is doing well and is ready for the coming spring. I myself am dreading the onset of winter.
Elder Taylor Thomas

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