Saturday, June 25, 2011

June 20, 2011

Taylor's post is especially short this week since he was working on something else for Mom!!!  Sorry.

Hey everybody-

I have very short time this week but here it goes.


Very quickly is about Carlos and Sussy. They are still progressing, but want to read the whole BOM before asking if it is true. We are trying to help them understand that this is not the case and that they just need to ask with a sincere heart.

Rain, rain, come again

So we have had a shortage of rain here in Chile that finally ended this weekend with a lot of rain. Funny story is that we were out in the hardest part of it contacting as a Zone. Pretty crazy, and we got soaked. Hopefully it will go on, because rain is cooler here in Chile than in Utah.

Well that is it for now. Sorry for the shortness thereof, but I have something else really important to write.

Elder Taylor Thomas

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