Saturday, June 25, 2011

June 13, 2011

Yay for news from Chile!


So we are teaching a complete family who had investigated the church before, but went cold and got scared when the other missionaries asked them to get baptized. We found them again and they are doing really well. They have interest in the church and are reading the Book of Mormon. Hopefully they will get a response soon.

Satan and his false doctrine

One of my friends (Elder Tyler Christensen to be exact) wrote several weeks back about a popular false doctrine that he runs into--moral relativism. Well, here in Chile that isn´t so popular yet; however, there is something else that we deal with a lot as missionaries. This is something I am sharing because it has helped me to realize how important the gospel is. The thing here in Chile is what I call the "All paths lead to God" idea. This is something really big in Chile. As we talk to and teach people, this comes up a lot. For some reason, this very unlogical idea that "as long as you have a church, you will be fine" has a lot of hold here. The thing is that it is talked about in the scriptures (basically all of 2 Nephi 28, especially verses 7-9). This is the truth and the beauty of the Restoration of the Gospel of Jesus Christ. There is only one way to get to God and it is only found is HIS true church. Sometimes we have fear of saying this, but it is truth. Always remember that this is why we need a testimony of the Restoration that we strengthen each day by reading the Book of Mormon.

Well, that is about all for this week. I don´t have any new pictures. I hope everyone is doing really well.

Elder Taylor Thomas

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