Monday, December 19, 2011

Letter from December 19, 2011

Hey friends-

So, here is yet another short email because I am going to talk with my family next week. They will share all the details of the call with you.......I hope.

Ward activity

Since we are low on progressing investigators, I thought I would share a little bit about our ward party. So, this week we are going to have it and the ward is buying 24 kilos of meat :D and yours truly is the one who is going to cook it!!! Yay for asados. However, the activity does have a spiritual purpose and we have invited almost everyone we know to the activity, so it should be great.

Cool new finding method

Elder Shaum and I have started going through the old contacts that other missionaries have done. We divided the sector into 4 parts and whenever our citas fall through, we go and re-contact these people. The idea came after we were really frustrated about not finding anybody. So far it has worked out really well.

Anyways, I will have more details that I will give to my parents in the phone call home.

Elder Taylor Thomas

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