Monday, November 14, 2011

Letter from November 14th, 2011

Dear friendly email/blog/other media or writing format follower-

This email should be pretty good...maybe....we´ll see.

Contacting miracle

We had cool contacting miracles this week. Our favorite was from yesterday when a cita fell through at an apartment building. For some reason we decided to wait to see if the hermano would show up. As we were waiting, my companion starting talking to a young couple sitting next to us. It turned out that it was a reference that a member had given us that we never had been able to find. The husband is a member and his wife is not. It was really interesting to see how the spirit guided us to them.


Patricio couldn´t come to church because he was sick, but when we stopped by to see him, we met the family he lives with. They were really receptive as well. As for Patricio, we will be trying to help him get a testimony of the Book of Mormon in the next couple of weeks. As for Felix, we haven´t been able to teach him for about 2 weeks and he hasn´t been able to come to church. Luckily, the ward is really concerned about him as well and is helping us out. Hopefully we will get in this week. We have several other complete families we are teaching (which is a miracle in and of itself) but they haven´t started progressing yet. One is a family who we are also helping with English. They have a 12 year old who is really tall and looks like he is almost 16 and a 9 (I think) year old daughter. I am hoping to have good news next week about them

The smell of change is in the air

It is highly probable that either me or my companion has changes. We will find out on Saturday night, but we have been together for 3 months. The big question is who....The bishop here in the ward thinks it is me. I guess you will all know by next week.

Well, that is all for now. I hope everyone is doing well back home!

Elder Taylor Thomas

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