Wednesday, August 10, 2011


NOTE:  The first paragraph is answering Vallen's question about a program in Chile that is helpful in the reactivation efforts.

Dear amigos-

So, quick updates

The reactivation thing he was talking about is called Permaneced (literally the command form of the verb "to remain, stay") and comes from the vine and the husbandman in John 15. I really like it, but the members still don´t completely understand the purpose of it in my opinion. They just think it is a program to get people back to church and only really think of it as the paper that has the message. Really, Permaneced is about the meaning of Endure to the End and how we need to do anything in our power to keep the Spirit with us. Elder Amado of the seventy (the old Area President) emphasized it with a message he gave in the area Chile add in of the Liahona. He talked about the it isn´t some glorious attempt to increase the attendance or home teaching numbers. He said that it was a review of the plan of Salvation and something that we need to do everyday. 


We have seen quite a few miracles with our Bishop here. When I got here, all I heard about was problems with the Bishop. Since then, Elder Barrett and I have worked with him a lot and he has become so cool. We had a FHE with him last week, and yesterday he accompanied us on visits for 3 hours. He wants our ideas and help and is working really well with us. Now we are helping him get the ward fired up to do missionary work! We have seen the hand of the Lord in our work as we have done this.

Our Zone activity and pictures

So today we went to Santa Lucia (again) as a Zone. I found some cool things and took some cool pictures. Today was really clear because the rain yesterday cleared out the smog. One picture is a zoomed up view from the hill on my sector, one is me with Elder Barrett, and the others are some hopefully artistic fotos that you all should like. I have to say that I really like downtown Santiago.

Elder Taylor Thomas

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  1. Nice photos, Elder Thomas! Way to use your camera for some artsy stuff!