Thursday, July 14, 2011

July 11, 2011

Hey friends-

This week´s email should be fun, and I will address one of the commonly asked misionary questions.


Yay for progress. So, the only big thing of note this week is with Carlos and Sussy. Sussy is really closed off and has all of the classic problems with the doctrine ("you can´t add to the bible", "we don´t need to go to church because we are temples", etc.). We have been trying really hard to help her, but she still isn´t opening up. However, her husband Carlos came to church for the 3rd time straight this week and has said that he has felt different as he has read the Book of Mormon and gone to church. We told him that he is already getting his response from the Lord. After that, the Spirit took over and he taught his wife for 40 minutes about how she needs to open up and let God help her. IT. WAS. COOL. Yay for the Spirit!

Pig heads, rabbits, oh frabjous day!

Points for who can name where the last line of my heading came from. I have chosen today to address a very common question asked to missionaries..........what is the weirdest/grossest thing you have eaten on your mission? I will now very happily answer this question. First off is something somewhat normal, that I had never tried before. Rabbit! Yep, I ate rabbit for the first time in the mission. Fresh out of the oven cooked with onions. I actually liked it, and (although it sounds cliché) it tasted kind of like chicken. Ok, now on to the gross section. The second grossest thing I have eaten is pig head sandwich. What happens here in Chile is that when people buy a whole pig, they then grind up all of the meat of the head (supposedly with eyeballs, ears, and everything) and make something called queso cabeza (head cheese--nothing to do with what it actually is). I ate this with bread and hot sauce....mmmmmmm, yummy. Now, to the grossest thing I have EVER eaten, which almost made me throw up, is Cow stomach. Gross, gross, gross, repulsive, devilish, (insert gross adjective here). It is like eating steak fat, but with less flavor, more chewy, and incredibly disgusting. Yep.

So that is all for today. Hope you are all doing great!

Elder Taylor Thomas

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